General Characteristics

Project Location - town of Belomorsk, Republic of Karelia.

Cargo Turnover of the new Seaport - 9 mln. tons per year (the 1st stage), including the following:
  • Specialized Coal-Transshipment port Complex/Terminal - 8 mln. tons per year;
  • Multi-purpose Transshipment Complex/Terminal (wood and general cargos storage) - 1 mln. tons per year.
The total territory of the Complex - 36,5 hectares.
Water area - 43,75 hectares.
The port operates 12 months per year (icebreaking provided in winter).
Staff members - 635 persons.
The second stage of the Project realization will allow to increase the cargo turnover capacities of the Seaport up to 15 mln. tons per year.

General Plan of Belomorsk Seaport
General Plan of Belomorsk Seaport